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Sally Cronin Features The Ehud Dagger

Sally is a fabulous supporter of Indie Authors and her website is a great source of new books from your favourite authors. This article features my latest book The Ehud Dagger Novella.

What is absolutely fantastic is that Sally went looking for my latest book and I got a spike in sales before I even knew she had run the post. This was a wonderful surprise and a credit to Sally’s strong following but it got me thinking about the relationships I have made since I published my first book Destiny of Kings back in 2014.

The Power of Communication

One of my previous jobs involved working as a Community Development Officer or my title was actually Community Connections Director (fancy name, regular job). It was during this role that I became acutely aware of the importance of building relationships with like minded people, so when it came to writing, I was better prepared to start the marketing process via networking and communication. Sally was one of my first networking buddies and I really value her ongoing support, so please make sure you check out her site.

Now speaking of communication. I would love to get some feedback from my readers and open up the communication channel between us, so I have a quick little poll I need your help with if you have a few moments.

Have you heard of KU Kindle Unlimited? As an Indie there was a lot of discussion when I started publishing about ‘going wide’ or sticking with KU. Now I chose to go wide, which means my books are available through Kobo, B&N and Apple which I still feel is really important but I need your help to make sure I am on the right track.

So what platform do you use to buy and read your books. I would love for you to do this quick little survey for me so that I can plan how I release my next book; Fall of Jericho in 2018.

Take the Survey Here

There are 4 very quick multiple choice questions so please take a few seconds and help me plan future books sales channels, prices & other options.

If you are not into polls, please feel free to email me here. 

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2 Replies

  1. Thanks very much for the promo Fiona and delighted to share your books. I think that the one thing that works for me is building that solid network of like-minded people, particularly authors as they are usually avid readers too. I went wide and whilst Amazon is still the place where most books are sold but being on other platforms, particularly offering Epub versions, such as Smashwords is still important. Will keep an eye out for reviews for the book… hugs Sally

    1. Fiona Tarr

      Great feedback Sally and all really solid points. I received over 100 replies to the survey and that is the limit Survey Monkey allowed so thanks for commenting on this post.

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