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Seed of Hope – 2015 Launch Review

The second book in the Covenant of Grace series has been really well received and I want to thank all the wonderful reviewers, bloggers and industry representatives who have supported the release.

Some instrumental support has come from so many different places in the world and I wanted to thank each one of them here:

Marie Lavender

Chris, the Story Reading Ape

Kev Cooper

Juneta Key

Pat Bertram

Linze Brandon

Book Three Update

Book three is well underway and I expect to have it ready to publish mid 2016. The story continues on from book two and introduces some new characters who are intricate in filling in some of the backstory while pushing the narrative forward.

Every one who has ever read a bible or researched the story of King David knows the basic plot. However, the point to this series of books is not to retell the original story, it is to unravel the political and religious unrest that made this time so compelling and pivotal in the development of religious culture.

Remnants of this era still hold fast in our religious institutions today. These institutions, together with the resurgence of politics in religion has been the source of wars, inequity and violence for centuries; yet these organisation have also forged the development of hope, faith and love across the globe through acts of humanity.

The reason I write fantasy from biblical stories is because the very worst and the absolute best of humanity can be found in how we portray our beliefs to the world. Those beliefs could be anything from feminism, animal rights to religious understanding. It isn’t what we believe which really matters, it is how we choose to share it with the world; violently or with love.

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