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Seed of Hope – June Launch

Ok, this one is all about my excitement, nothing important really.

Seed of Hope, Book 2 in the Covenant of Grace series is back from the editor, so I am all on schedule for a late June release. Early beta readers have given me some great feedback; even my editor was happy, which is always good news.

Jezebel, the lead antagonist of the story (pictured below) is set to be interviewed by Marie Lavender later this month and Seed of Hope will be released on Amazon at the end of the month.

Very soon, I will be offering everyone a chance to pre-order Seed of Hope. All pre-orders will be able to register for a free copy of Book 1, Destiny of Kings. Although the books are complete stories in their own right, reading book 1 first is preferable as it will complete the characters individual background stories.

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Jezebel – Seed of Hope

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