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Seed of Hope – Proof Reader Report #1

How devastating to have one of your proof reader tell you that your prologue doesn’t flow for first time readers…..mmmm……

He was totally right, I knew it as soon as I printed the book out on paper & read it in black & white. How does that happen? It looked fine on the computer screen. The good news is, it was very quick and easy to fix and thankfully the only real sticking point for this particular proof reader. He was wrapped with the rest of the book and ploughed through it excitedly, begging me for more by the end.

Another one of my proof readers is enjoying the book, savouring it three chapters at a time. I did ask her to leave me time for any re-writes, so in other words ‘hurry up a little please’. She has promised a completed report next week. Phew! So we are right on track for a late June release.

My cover designer is getting the cover ready, so what do you think of the cover art? Seed of Hope Cover

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