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Seed of Hope Reviews – Keep them Coming!

Thanks to my readers who have taken the time to review my last book – Seed of Hope.

What are Reviews all about!

You know it isn’t about the number of stars, the sales or the recognition. Writing fiction and especially fantasy is about sharing little pieces of your imagination with others. I write to be read and for me, reviews are not about judgement, they are about development and improvement and I really value every person who takes the time to honestly share their opinion of my work either privately or publicly.

My Beta reading team has returned all my manuscript copies to me for my third book and I appreciate every little bit of feedback each and every one of them as given me. In a effort to make sure this third book is everything it should be for you and for me, I am sitting myself down shortly to incorporate what I can of the Beta readers valuable input, so stay tuned for a release date.

It’s good to see I am consistent 🙂 


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

‘This is the second in this series. It is very interesting reading with multiple events happening simultaneously and many characters and personalities. The author is developing characters’ personalities further and is good at revealing how tension and conflict arises from misunderstandings, insecurities and jealousy in some of her characters. I found a significant portion of this story suspenseful and I love how I was left ‘hanging’ at the end. I eagerly look forward to reading how it all resolves in her next book.’

If you have not had an opportunity to read Seed of Hope yet, here is your chance. I am offering it at $1.99USD for the rest of May on Amazon and Smashwords.

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