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Sex Scenes in Fantasy – Yes/No?

I heard a rumour that someone was concerned that my first book Destiny of Kings had an orgy scene in it and that this was why they hadn’t read it.

I had to laugh because apparently this comment caused the husband of one of my close friends to pick up the book immediately, read it (he rarely reads) and discover that what one person called an orgy, he called a disappointment.


Now this scene is intricate to the purpose of the story (no spoilers). It highlights the way sex can be good, loving and rewarding but it can also be corrosive, manipulative and devoid of real connection. Sex is real. It is a natural part of a healthy relationship and so should I use sex scenes in my fantasy? YES, absolutely. My sex scenes or love making scenes are tasteful, delicate and necessary to move the story forward.

So no apologies here. You will find emotional and sometime hot sex scenes in my books, but they are not X rated or elicit or erotic by any stretch of the imagination, just ask my friends husband.


You can read Jezebel’s character interview here. It might give you a little more insight into the world of manipulative women.

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