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Sexy, Feminist Writing.

Daniel recently posted a 4 star review of Destiny of Kings on Amazon.


Thanks Daniel, I am always extremely grateful for reviews and they constantly motivate me to write more 🙂 

His headline was ‘Sexy, Feminist Writing. Very Well Written’ and it got me thinking about my female characters.

I would never call myself a feminist and I think the term often gets misused or misunderstood in many ways. I am a firm believer in equality for all; men, women, children regardless of cultural or religious belief or the colour of people’s skin. My son tells me I’m Egalitarian; a word I had never heard and had to Google (funny for an author, but he has always been way smarter than me). I like the word, the meaning and I am happy to take the label; I am Egalitarian and my books are certainly written in this vain. My female lead characters definitely know how to hold their own, so in this way, they are strong female characters but I hope Daniel and other readers grow to understand a little more about their vulnerability too. Maybe they need to read Seed of Hope or Legacy of Power to truely know Jezebel & Francesca a little better.

‘a bit too much descriptive sex.’

Something else Daniel mentioned (and I’m not complaining, I loved the review, especially the ‘well written’ bit) was the sex scenes in my first book Destiny of Kings. Well Daniel, I expect if you do read on into book 2, you might be blushing even more. BUT, the sex scenes aren’t there to merely tantalise the reader, they have been written to help readers know what its like to be a powerful woman but also one who possess an innate need for love, respect, control and some sense of choice. In Destiny of Kings, Jezebel might appear strong and the undertones may come across feminist but in fact they are a call for Egalitarianism, not feminism and I wanted to thank Daniel for sharing his feedback. He isn’t the first reader to find the sex scenes in a book about biblical David a little ‘full on’ but I assure him and all my readers that they are there for a reason and its not sensationalism. Oh my, too many isms 🙂

Sex is a real and tangible part of life. It can be part of a loving and healthy relationship or it can be used in the most destructive ways. It is one of my many hopes that Destiny of Kings and the rest of the Covenant of Grace Series give the reader something to consider about relationships, tolerance, love, and Egalitarianism 🙂 Oh I like that word…..

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