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The Farmer’s Wife – Raging Bull

You know that moment when your heart beats so loud, you can hear it in your ears. Well when you are faced with a 900kg jersey bull kicking dirt and snorting at you, daring you to try and round him up into the yard, that feeling is exactly what you get.

I was about 7 months pregnant and while my husband was busy making hay, I decided I would get the bull in from the day yard so I could go fetch the cows for milking. I had seen George do it dozens of times, you simply take the quad runner out and casually herd him back in, it’s easy. You might have to yell a bit, but he gets the idea pretty quickly. Well it didn’t work so nicely for me. The bull must have smelt the fear because instead of trotting back to his pen, he stuck his head down and threatened to ram my bike.

Under normal circumstances I might have tried a little harder to convince him I was serious enough to make him get his big fat butt into the yard, but I was feeling a little vulnerable at my stage of pregnancy and at 900kg a bull can flip a four wheeled motorbike like a toy Tonka truck. I yelled at him and grumbled but he simply flicked me off like an Aussie blow fly and went on grazing the nice patch of green grass in the corner of the paddock.

I don’t deal well with failure so I persisted for a while, with my heart racing and my frustration level growing; until my mother-in-law insisted I should leave the bull to George. It was a little demoralising really to watch my husband just ride out and literally push the bull with the bike into the yard, protesting all the way, but doing exactly as he was told.

I grew up the youngest daughter of three and I spent many hours helping my dad with the gardening, building the cubby house, retaining walls and laying paving bricks; but in this moment, on this day, I realised there are some things girls are just not built to do; well not this girl anyway. I think becoming a mother honed that revelation and took it too far in the end. Motherhood does strange things to a woman’s psyche, it makes them so protective that they often forget to try new experiences and over time, that is exactly what it did to me.

The old yards.

The old yards.