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There Is Never A Right Time!

There is never a right time to: Have children, buy a house, change careers, go back to school, get married, write a book……. There can, however be, a wrong time to do some of these new and life changing projects. For example; you might desperately want a child, but you are on your own with no family support. Or you want to buy a house, but you know you will be out of work next year.

But, if you have eliminated the ‘full on’, totally don’t do it now, wrong time; then it is probably the right time (or as good a time as any) to ‘bite the bullet’ and give your next big step a go. You have heard the old saying ‘there is no time like the present’. If you keep waiting for the right time, the perfect alignment of all the plants, it may never come.

Brave people take risks, calculated ones, but they take the leap in any case. Some don’t even have a back up plan. Now, if you have a family to consider, this might not be the right course to take, but you can put a strategy together to ensure the relative security of your family and still follow that dream you have always held close to your heart.

As Seth Godin often says ‘do work that matters’. Matters to you, matters to your family and matters to that little tribe of people out there that need to see, hear and feel what you have to share.

Whether it is building your first home, getting that university degree, starting that painting course or like me, writing books and blogging – there is never going to be a ‘right’ time.

Do you have an idea for a project in 2015 you would like to share…..

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