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Turns Out Professional Editing is a Must Have.

I thought I could launch my first book without a professional edit. Seriously, I felt I was a good writer. I had presented uni papers with high grades and I could write newspaper articles, business submissions and blog posts all day. So why would I need a professional edit?

For most people who read my book, my grammar and sentence construction was just fine. I had finished my historical fiction story, edited it, passed it around to other writers and people with great grammar skills and they had edited it further. Surely it was going to be perfect? Then came the reviews. One review was extremely favourable but I missed out on 5 stars because of some editing issues. Another prominent reviewer said the editing was distracting from what appeared to be a great read, so he could only review it once I had a professional editor go over it. My heart sank and fear began to creep in. Could I really afford a professional editor? Would I ever make enough to even pay for the edit? It didn’t matter. Being the perfectionist that I can so often be when it comes to ‘grades’, I had to present the absolute best I could manage.

So…. Here it is. The professionally edited edition of Desitny of Kings is now on Kindle, Amazon Books and Smashwords. If you already have a copy, please ask Kindle to update you to the newest version (apparently they won’t do it automatically, you have to request it). I have submitted the revised manuscript to them & if they feel the new version is significantly different enough, they will notify all the current owners of the update, but if they don’t do so automatically, you can request it especially. The review process will take up to 4 weeks so if you are in a hurry, don’t wait, contact them for the latest version.

Thanks to Mishka and Nick for pushing me to present the best work I could possibly offer. Book 2 in Covenant of Grace is over half written and with editing and reviewing time, I hope to release it early in 2015.


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