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Welcome to Book Funnel

I have finally hooked up with Book Funnel to deliver my e-books directly to my readers. So far only Book 1 – Destiny of Kings has been converted, ready for delivery, but Book 2 – Seed of Hope is only a few days away.

Book Funnel are an independent service provider who deliver files directly to readers without so much as an email needed. They not only deliver the file, they offer support and help in getting your reading device and the files talking to each other so if you are new to e-books, Book Funnel are the perfect choice.

My books will continue to be sold on Amazon and Smashwords along with all the affiliated stores such as Barnes & Noble and more, but I can send free versions or discount offers whenever I want now yah!! ;).

If you have not registered for your free copy of Destiny of Kings, or you know a friend who would love  copy, then please share this post and link with them.

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