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What are you Afraid of?

Are you crippled by fear? Or do you fear nothing?

At the root of fear is often the fear of failing. Some people worry about losing their money – losing love – or sustaining a permanent injury.

A young guy I know is an extreme sports person. He skates downhill with a full face helmet doing 80km/hr or more. He had competed and never sustained a significant injury. Recently he had a freak work accident which landed him in hospital with severe injuries. It was a terrible accident; this story isn’t to highlight the accident, it is to highlight the fact it was not the extreme sport which resulted in his injury. There are so many similar stories of people who never try anything risky but still end up injured or losing their money or the love of their life through an unexpected and often relatively risk free event. Theft, a workplace accident like my friend, a car crash or so many more unforeseeable events which you have little or no control over.

Most people have fears to overcome. Some fear heights, loss of control, water and more… Whatever your fears are, don’t let them hold you back from the opportunities that come your way. Or you might find the most ordinary event takes the choice away from you.

So how can you overcome fear? Trust and faith are both words associated with the opposite of fear. So how do you find faith and trust and who or what do you have faith or trust in? The choice is yours, but find faith and trust yourself to overcome your fears.

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