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What Kind of Writer am I?

I kinda stole this question from Steven Pressfield, in that he recently posted how he dealt with this exact same question. His post made me mull over the question for myself; his motive no doubt: What Kind of Writer am I?

I can’t really say why I started writing, except that there was a little niggling voice inside my head which kept telling me I should write, something, anything! I considered non-fiction, self help type books but decided that concept felt fake to me. Who on earth really knows enough about anything with certainty to tell others how to do it? Definitely no me!

So fiction became my genre; historical fantasy in particular. But deep down I have to admit I have an ulterior motive in my writing. Like all authors, I have something I want to highlight, something that bugs me deep down in my soul. I write stories so that I can share a little of my personal experience and understanding when it comes to politics, social laws and religion and how, throughout history they have both helped and at times stuffed up the society we live in.

If historical fantasy is your thing and you like to challenge the cultural, religious and political status quo, then maybe take a look at book one in my series; Destiny of Kingsnow FREE on Amazon.

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