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Who am I? – Am I Myself?

Identity Crisis

One minute I have it nailed, I know exactly who I am, what I stand for, what I believe and where I am going in this life. Then the next second I am scratching my head trying to figure myself out all over again. This seesaw of confidence in my identity drives me nuts at times (and I am sure my husband too) and this sense of soul searching features prominently in many of the characters in my debut novel – Destiny of Kings.

The Journey of Discovery

Writing my first fictional novel was a great experience in self discovery. There is a little of me in a number of the characters (you are welcome to guess who). This really is the pleasure and pain of writing and it isn’t until you read back some of your work that you suddenly discover you have unveiled some of the most inner thoughts of your private world.

What Really Matters

I am constantly reminding myself that I wrote my first novel for myself. For the experience and the creative outlet that writing provides. Yet the perfectionist and insecure ego in me is always trying to rise to the surface and taunt me for the slow progress the book has made on the sales front; despite some great reviews.

My family often joke that my sons will be rich one day when my novel becomes a movie and we all laugh about it, but there is a little piece of me that craves the recognition which comes from such success.

Who am I?

So who am I? I am a writer, an entrepreneur, an advocate, a humanitarian and a frustrated 40’s something woman with an insistent drive to share a message (I am still not sure exactly what that message is) which I hope will change the world (or a little piece of it) and will likely change me along the way.

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Who are You? Are you Yourself?

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