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Why a New Website for Atime2write?

You know, I love blogging but it is becoming increasingly obvious that my readers are nearly exclusively made up of other bloggers, not the readers of my books. As much as I love my fellow authors I really would like to be read by a wider audience so the next step for me is to launch a more purpose built website.

Jeff Goins recently released a new, custom built bloggers theme which I will be using to launch my new website. There is a little piece of me that is petrified over the migration, but the other side is excited to see what a new website on might bring.

So this is your last chance to subscribe to my mailing list. Don’t forget you will receive a free copy of Book 1 – Destiny of Kings with all subscriptions.


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  1. Good for you! It looks very crisp and fresh.


      Thanks Denise, stil tweaking the pages. Jeff has produced a neat looking theme, just still navigating my way around it 🙂

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