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Why Did I Write Destiny of Kings?

Where it all Started

Boredom! Yep, you heard right. Plain and simple boredom is what started me on my writing journey. We had travelled over 2000km to Noosa, Queensland; to a new home and to buy a business. The business needed a lot of work before it was going to get busy. The days were long and often quiet. A few phone calls, a couple of walk in customers and a me, sitting in front of my computer; bored.

Why Choose a Bible Story as a Base?

I had already decided that a self-help book was not really for me. I didn’t feel qualified to tell people how to raise their children or build a better marriage. Fiction was calling me, providing me with a chance to let my imagination free. I can’t really say why I chose the story of David. I had studied theology and the biblical story of David had always challenged me, even frustrated me. I have always found spiritual ideals intriguing, so as I wrote Destiny of Kings, I was also compelled to introduce characters with different spiritual and religious understandings.

Researching the Story

Researching the history timelines was very exciting and the different cultures and religions of the time were very interesting. Introducing new characters always required new research into culture, rituals, weapons and clothing. This all took time, however it was always time well spent. The research always birthed new ideas for the story.

Bringing it all Together

The hardest part about finishing was deciding where to stop the first book. After more than six years, I finally had some spare time to tie up all the timelines, characters and the story itself. The book was finished and I gave it to a number of friends who gave me their feedback. It was time to see if I could get published; every authors dream, right?

I tried nearly every publishing agent in Australia with no luck. This was obviously very disheartening and when the negativity began. I told myself that I couldn’t write and that my friends and family had just been diplomatic in their reviews. I almost convinced myself that publishing would be a waste of time. It took quite a lot of encouragement from everyone around me to convince me to self publish Destiny of Kings.

Book two in the Covenant of Grace series will be ready for publishing in May 2015. The second time around has been even more rewarding and quite a lot easier.

Have you written a book and not published it yet?

I would love to hear your stories.


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