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Why I Write Character Driven Fantasy?

Because people are unique and they express themselves in vastly different ways. Because what we do in life isn’t the thing that motivates me, its how we do life, who we share it with and what we leave behind that really drives me.

So my fantasy writing is character driven and my characters often take over my writing as I get lost in their emotions. I use my life experiences to fill in the feelings my characters are experiencing; like the loss of a child, the frustration with failure and the fear of trying something new.

Because I love character development so much, I have a habit of using multiple points of view in my books. Apparently that is a writing faux pas (that is fopar in the urban dictionary, I had to look it up too), but I have drawn my inspiration from writers like David Gemmell and David Eddings who often use multiple character points of view to uncover back story, past experiences or important plot reveals. It keeps my books fast paced and interesting and so far, reviewers haven’t complained, so all good.

I am about a third of the way through writing book three and although I am struggling to find some seriously uninterrupted writing time, what time I am getting I am enjoying. If all goes well I will should still be ready to release in June.

If you like action packaged fantasy, but want to immerse yourself into characters you can relate to and who will inspire you, then I hope you get a chance to read one of my books.

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