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Writing Competitions – Making a List!

I have been researching writing competitions recently. I have made a short list of competitions I plan on entering  my second book Seed of Hope into. Competitions cost money, but they are a great way to get some hard to find professional feedback and if you happen to win a prize you can get some quality marketing assistance and some dollars to help with future books.

If you think I have missed any suitable options then please add them to the comments below because I am sure everyone would love to know about other options.

Writers Digest – Self published e-book – deadline August – Link

Writers Digest – Self published bound book – closed – reopens November – Link

A Woman’s Write – deadline November 30th – Link

Book Pipeline – deadline July 15th – Link

The Exeter Novel Prize – deadline 31st October – Link

Shelf Unbound – deadline 1st October – Link

I couldn’t help but notice that there were very few Australian competitions and most of the ones I found were for short stories only. Looks like I had better finish my Farmer’s Wife Series of Short stories……

Many of these competitions were found on Christopher Fielden’s website (thanks Chris). No one can authenticate all of these competitions, but the list is huge so take a look for yourself. Just read the conditions carefully as one competition I found recently basically asked you to sign away all rights to your work….mmmm……not good.

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