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Months had gone by since I had contacted the local library about being involved in a presentation on Indie writing. To be honest I had forgotten all about it and assumed the library had better things to do than hear me speak. That was until last week, when I received an invitation.

I was a little overwhelmed and fearful at first and my immediate reaction was to decline with some pathetic excuse about being too busy, but I forced myself to accept the opportunity.

The reason I stopped and considered not doing this speech was the fear of failure. What would happen if no one came, if no one liked what I shared, if no one bought my books or gave a cr#p. It’s tough to be vulnerable, but I will never be perfect, so what have I really got to lose?  It was the same feeling that almost stopped me from Indie publishing in the first place.

“Waiting for the thing that cannot be improved (and cannot be criticized) keeps us from beginning.” Seth Godin

We are all a work in progress…..

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