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You Wrote a Book – Oh, its self published!

If I had a dollar for every time someone lost their excitement over my published work after hearing I self published it, I would be very rich by now.

What is it about being self publishing which detracts from the accomplishment? How many people finish their first manuscript, let alone publish it and write more. I always feel I have to defend my choice to self publish but there are a number of positive reason why self publishing is a great option.

  • You get genuine practise writing.
  • You have the chance to obtain real feedback from real readers.
  • You discover what you could do better next time and you write more.

If you wait patiently for a publisher to take the risk on an unknown author (something which rarely happens) then you might sit on your first manuscript forever and never get any of these opportunities. My first book was good (well at least my readers said so), but my second book was better (well I thought so) and my third should be even better.

Now, back to writing book 3 – I haven’t decided on the title yet, still tossing up between:

Legacy of Sin


Legacy of Power

I am sure the choice will be clear as I keep writing….


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